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What is the condition for hexes to 'reset'?

Any chance you will create a gameboard generator based on a random seed?


I try to 'get my team winning' every morning during coffee, make an app with ads and I'll install it.

Not sure what you mean by 'reset'?  If you mean, from 'armored' to 'not armored', you need to direct energy at the armor and it will eventually crack.

I do want to make a gameboard generator, yes.  I focused first on tools to make it easy for me to make boards.  I'll probably make another 10 boards and put them into rotation soon to vary it up.  Then perhaps a random generator thereafter.  :)

PVP is a bit beyond me right now, also I'm not marketing the game so liquidity of players wouldn't really justify it yet.  I REALLY would love to get that in!

I've made an IOS app, no ads.  All free. 

What causes spots to 'armor up' again?

if you click on a fully charged hex.  It’s a bit sensitive at the moment so it’s easy to accidentally do it.  


Game runs a lot better and is more understandable. I like the direction you took it to use it as a poll of a sort. Less bugs.

Found a glitch, if you redirect your source area into the second spot, then back into itself, it auto fills into a large dot. Also the second level won't load on chrome. I'm gonna try other browser

Didn't work on Edge either.


ah!  Thank you, I will fix that this evening.  Many thanks!